Andrea Segre


Director of films and documentaries for cinema and television, he has also a PhD in Sociology of Communication. For over ten years he has paied particular attention to the issue of migration and is a founder of ZaLab.
He has directed two filmsof fiction, both produced by Jolefilm: “Shun Li and The Poet” (nominated for 4 David di Donatello, winner of dozens of international awards, including the European Parliament Lux Prize, and distributed in over 45 countries) and “The First Snow Fall” (section 72 of the Venice Film Festival in Horizons Show  section and winner of Annecy).

Segre filmed many documentaries: “Marghera Canale Nord” (2003, 60th International Art Exhibition Film Festival, special mention to RomaDocFestival); “South of Lampedusa” (2006 MedFest prize at the 10th MediterraneoVideoFestival; finalist in the 13th Ilaria Alpi Prize), “The mal’ombra” (2007, 25th Torino Film Festival, 26th Uruguay Film Festival), “Like a man on Earth” (nominee as best documentary at the David di Donatello, 2nd SalinaDocFest; special mention to Vittorio de Seta award and Grand Prix TeleFrance CMCA), “May the things change” (prize “Next!” to 27 Torino Film Festival) “Green Blood” (CinemaDoc prize at Venice days authors – 67th Venice Film Festival), “Closed Sea” (golden globe for best documentary), “Indebito” (opening event at the Locarno Film Festival), “Tje Weight of Water” (Nominee for best documentary Silver Ribbons 2014) and “The Dreams of the Salt Lake! (Official selection Locarno 2015 Venice days – Venice 2015).
In 2014 he published the book Fuorirotta (Marsilio) connected to project, developed in collaboration with Montura Editing and Internationale.


SYNOPSIS Between February and April 2020, Andrea Segre, who lives in Rome for several years, got stuck in Venice during...

The Order of Things

Synopsis Corrado is a high-ranking official at Italy’s Ministry of the Interior, specialized in international missions to combat illegal immigration....


Synopsis Ibi took pictures and filmed her life in Italy for over 10 years. This film is born from her...

Laguna Sud 2016 – Venice Days

10 young filmmakers had arrived from all over Italy to Chioggia to participate at the workshop coordinated by Andrea Segre...

DVD: May Things Change by Andrea Segre

A documentary on the dignity of men and especially women who still have the courage not to accept social injustice and wars among the poor people.

DVD: Dreams of The Salt Lake by Andrea Segre

Travelling between Aktau and Astana, the film wants to listen to the lives and dreams of old farmers or shepherds and young women. Their stories remotely interact with that of Italian men and women fifty years ago, who lived similar emotions and hopes.

DVD: Green Blood by Andrea Segre

Voices, faces and stories behind the events in Rosarno, a small town in Calabria that in January 2010 brought to light the deplorable and unjust condition of thousands of African laborers.

Cucinema – with Don Pasta

10 young filmmakers, in southern Venice lagoon, went into the kitchens of wonderful “ciozoti” (born in Chioggia) chefs and cooks....

Dreams of the Salt Lake

Kazakhstan is now living the euphoria of development that Italy does not even remember anymore. Yet its growth is hardly...