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(Verona, 1987) Author of video and audio documentaries and participatory video trainer for young people and children. He collaborates with the Theatre of Rome and cultural associations involved in informal education. Graduate in International Relations, he’s specialized in armed conflict and marginalization of minorities and he sometimes works as freelance journalist.



fuoriClasse (2016)








Blackboss, whiteboss (2012)



From Venice, he graduated in Philosophy at the University of Bologna. After some years of publishing and journalistic activities, since 4 years he has been started working in cinematographic field. Initially in the production, then he has realized as director some backstage and he is author of two scripts. In 2007 he directed with Andrea Segre a laboratory of audiovisual selfnarration for refugees and asylum seekers by the Italian School Asinitas, which has driven to the production of the documentary “Il deserto e il mare”.


“Mariano Mazzacurati – Artigiano della Storia” (2010)

“Like a man on Earth” (2008)



 (Rome, 1976) got his degree in medio studies at the University of Bologna and he is PhD in sociology at the University of Florence, Italy. Selected at ESoDoc – European Social Documentary (2005) and Berlinale Talent Campus (2008) he has been director and editor of social and art documentaries and articipatory video projects in the Mediterranean countries and the Balkans. He’s now based in Barcelona Spain. His most recent works have been broadcasted on Catalan and Spanish public TV channels.


“Song for Amine” (2009)

“Passacaglia” (2008)

“Family Book” (2007)

“Souvenir Srebrenica” (2007)

“The Making of Iddu” (2006).

“The town upon the bridge” (2005)

“Danube, Europe is meeting” (2004)

“Short films in Mostar” (2003)

“Thank you People of Japan” (2002).



(Camposampiero – PD, 1983) is a camera operator, director of photography and participatory video trainer. He has been DoP for programs and documentaries broadcasted on MTV, SKY, RAI 1, RAI 2, ARTE’, Comedy Central and Canale 5. Since 2006 he works with the director Andrea Segre, alternating the role of operator, director of photography ( La Malombra, Green Blood), with the role of first direct assistant (Pinuccio Sciola e il cantico delle pietre, May things change, Li and the poet). I nostri anni migliori is the first documentary as a director. He is a member of ZaLab.

TV Programs as director of photography: Amici Miei (Comedy Central 2006); NoSignal (Wilder per Comedy Central/Mtv  2009); Quork (La7-2009); Piazza la risata (Comedy Central 2010).


“Our best years” (2011)

He has also collaborated with the following films:  “My Bread and Butter” (Stefano Collizzolli, 2013) , Closed Sea”, “Green Blood” (Andrea Segre, 2010), “May things change” (A. Segre, 2009), “Pinuccio Sciola-Il Cantico delle Pietre” (A. Segre, 2008) , “La Mal’Ombra” (A. Segre, 2007) e “Checosamanca “(A. Segre, 2006).



(Padua 1978) is a PV trainer, a film maker and editor.He realized and tutored participatory video workshop in Italy, Palestine, Tunisia, Senegal and Dominican Republic. He is a researcher in Sociology of communication, focusing on visual methodologies and he teaches at Padua University. He is the author and co-author of Under the same roof (2005), Solchi (2006), Have fun (2008), La notte più lunga (2010). He is among the founders of Zalab.


“Have fun!” (2007)

“Fermi al primo approdo” (2010)

He has also collaborated with the following films and projects:

“May things change”  (Andrea Segre, 2009);  “Songs for Amine” (Alberto Bougleux, 2009), “Like a man on Earth” (Andrea Segre, D.Yimer e R. Biadene, 2008).

“Melodia Jegoasa” (lab, 2010), “La salute è un tuo diritto” (lab, 2009), “Does Bologna Integrate?” (lab, 2008), “Zalab Tv” (lab, 2007), “Images beyond the wall 2” (lab, 2006), “Under the same roof” (lab, 2005).




“God was a musician” (2004)

“Un Altro Mondo è Possibile” (2001)



Lucca, 1982







“In the name of Italian people” (2012)

“Like a man on Earth” (2008)




Graduated in Philosophy. She has worked for ten years in cooperation projects in West Africa, Angola and Tunisia.






“TV News Focus: Logbook of a Country” (2013)

“God was a musician” (2004) by Cristina De Ritis, Maddalena Grechi and Andrea Segre.

She has also collaborated with the following films: 

“Our best years” (Matteo Calore and Stefano Collizzolli, 2011),  “Green blood” (Andrea Segre, 2010) , “May things change” (Andrea Segre, 2009)  and “South of Lampedusa” (Andrea Segre, 2006).



Gustav Hofer graduated in “Communication sciences” in Vienna and then in “Cinema” in London. Later he moved to Rome. In 2001, Gustav started working for the TV channel Arte. In 2004 he directed the TV documentary “Il sangue dell’impero” together with Pietro Suber. In 2008, He and Luca Ragazzi directed the autobiographical documentary “Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso”, presented at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2008, where it won the jury prize Manfred Salzgeber. In 2009 it also won the Nastro d’argento (silver ribbon) as best documentary. Together with Luca Ragazzi he also directed “Italy: Love it, or Leave it” and “What is Left”.


Il sangue dell’impero (2004)

Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso (2008)

Italy: Love It, or Leave It (2011)

What is Left (2013)



Swiss-Italian Filmmaker Matteo he is part of the Rome-based artists collective Artcock, directing the photography of short films and music videos. He wrote, produced and directed several short fictional, non-fictional films, music videos and other independent projects. Among his recent achievements, he worked as first camera in Enrico Caria’s acclaimed mockumentary on Napoli’s mafia ‘L’era Legale’ and as Cinematographer for ‘Bulaq’, a documentary on the fortunes of a Cairo neighbourhood during the first months of the Egyptian revolution. He took part to EsoDoc in 2011 with his webdocumentary project ‘Bangla11’ and directed his first feature documentary in 2012 called ‘Merqana’, an observatory study on the commodity chain of qat. ‘Merqana’ preludes his next project, as a preparatory study of the visual and topical potential of ‘Leaves of the Horn’.


Italeñas (2013)

Merqana (2012)



Bari, 1982.







“Blackboss Whiteboss” (2012)

“Inshallah. Il Viaggio di Mohamed Ali’ (2011)



Stefano Liberti works as a journalist at “Il Manifesto” and collaborates with other newspaper, both Italian (L’Espresso, Ventiquattro, Geo, Anna, Diario della settimana) and international (El Pais semanal, El mundo-cronica, Le Monde diplomatique, Frankfuerter Rundschau, Die Tageszeitung).  He worked as director for Raitre broadcasting “C’era una volta”, producing documentaries Human Guinea-Pigs (2008, on pharmaceutical experimentations conducted by the U.S. giant Pfizer in Nigeria) and Give us this Day our Bread (2009 – investigation on the relationship between rising ood prices, financial speculation and the increased use of biofuels). He is co-author of documentaries South of Lampedusa (2006) and Like a Man on Earth (2008) by Andrea Segre. His documentary L’inferno dei bambini stregoni (2010) – on children accused of witchcraft in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – won “Anello Debole Prize- tv section 2010”.


“Container 158” (2013)

“Closed Sea” (2012)

“L’inferno dei bambini stregoni” (2010)



Catania, 1968.





“San Berillo Abysses” (2013)

“Padre Nostro” (2008)

“Atene#03” (2003)

“Lisbona#02” (2001)

“La Grande Cena” (2000)

He has also collaborated with the following films:

“Unfinished Italy” (supervision) by Benoit Felici.











“Terra di Transito” (2014)

“Readmitted” (2013)

Just about my Fingers – Storie di Confini e Impronte Digitali (2012)



He has produced and directed two films. ‘Bulaq’ is a short documentary film on the links between evictions and protests in a popular Cairo neighbourhood. His second documentary film is called ‘Merqana’, an observational work on the commodity chain of qat (a natural amphetamine-like plant) in the ancient, walled town of Harar of Ethiopia’s eastern Hararge region.



“Italeñas” (co-director) (2013)

“Merqana” (2012)

“Bulaq” (2011)



Enrico Parenti, a former IDEP film student, is an Italian-American free-lance filmmaker. He is the authour of “Standing Army” a feature length documentary on US military bases that is getting aired by numerous televisions worldwide, home video, theatrical distribution and winner of two awards at international film festivals. He also shot a twenty five minutes documentary on a Brazilian traveling circus and a reportage on the plight of blindness in Ethiopia and numerous short movies. He has also worked as director of photography on various documentaries for the RAI television and on a number of independent productions.


“Container 158” (2013)

“Roma Camp” (2013)

“Zewdu the Street Child” (2011)

“Standing Army” (2010)

He has also collaborated with the following films: 

“In the name of Italian people” (Gabriele Del Grande e Stefano Liberti, 2012), “Giving Voice – La voce naturale” (Alessandro Fabrizi, 2008).



Milano, 1975


“TV New Focus – Logbook of a Country” (2013)

“Sei del Mondo” (2007)

“Imponderabile Astratto” (2001)



She has collaborated as assistant editor with the following films: 

“Container 158” (2013, Stefano Liberti and Enrico Parenti), Roma Camp (2013, Stefano Liberti and Enrico Parenti), “First Snowfall” (Andrea Segre, 2013), “Indebito” (Andrea Segre, 2013), “San Berillo Abysses” (2013, Carlo Lo Giudice),  “Il rosso e il blu” (Giuseppe Piccioni, 2012),  In the name of Italian People (2012, Gabriele del Grande and Stefano Liberti),  “Closed Sea” (Stefano Liberti and Andrea Segre, 2012) , “Blackboss, Whiteboss” (2012, Rosella Anitori and Antonio Laforgia), “Là-bas” (Guido Lombardi, 2011)  “Li and the poet” (Andrea Segre, 2011), “Balkan Bazaae” (Edmond Budina2011),  “Il gioellino” (Andrea Molaioli2011), “Green Blood” (Andrea Segre, 2010), “Il Primo Incarico”  (Giorgia Cecere, 2010), “Le ombre rosse” (Francesco Maselli, 2009), “Appuntamento a ora insolita” (Stefano Coletta, 2008), “Lettere dal Sahara” (Vittoria de Setta, 2005),  Manoorè (Daria Menogozzi, 2005), Lavorare con lentezza (Guido Chiesa, 2004)



As director, from several years, he studies and tells about migrations towards Europe and the contradictions of developed world, he wrote and directed “Marghera Canale Nord” (2003) selected at the 60 Venice Film Festival. “Che cosa manca” (2006) produced by Eskimosa and RAI Cinema. “La Mal ombra” (2007), “Avanti!” award at the 25 Torino Film Festival and “A Sud di Lampedusa” (2007) about the expulsions of African Migrants in the Desert of Tenerè, of which Like a Man on Earth is a certain way of comunication. In 2011 he directed his first feature film Shun Li and the Poet. In 2012 he co-directed Mare Chiuso. He’s founder of Zalab.


“Indebito” (2013)

“First snowfall” (2013)

“Closed Sea” (2012)

“Li and the poet” (2011)

“Green Blood” (2010)

“May things change” (2009)

“Like a man on Earth” (2008)

“La Mal’ombra” (2007)

“Kerchaou…” (2006)

“PIP49” (2006)

“1 kg di internet” (2005)

“Dio era un musicista” (2004)

“Marghera Canale Nord” (2003)

“A metà – Storie tra Italia e Albania” (2001)

“Dalle tre alle tre – Il Nord-Est e Il Mare” (2001)

“Ka Drita?” (2001)

“Berlino ’89-’99 – Il Muro nella testa” (1999)

“Lo sterminio dei popoli zingari” (1998)



Graduated at the English school in Addis Abeba, he attended the first years of the Faculty of Law,Law but hen he decided to leave the country because of political reasons. Across Libya he arrived in Lampedusa on July 2006, where he obtained the humanitarian protection. From 2007 he has been cooperating with the School of Italian ASINITAS, as social operator and as video author. He has realized one of the episodes of the documentary “Il Deserto e il Mare” and some short films as documentation of the school’s activities (2010) and “Nothing but the Sea” (2011). .


“C.A.R.A. Italia” (2010)

“Soltante il mare” (2010)

“Le sagome” (2008)

“Caravan” (2008)

“Benvenuto alla casa tua” (2008)

“Like a man on Earth” (2008)

“Il deserto e il mare” (2007)

“Lo scarabocchio” (2007)



Sara Zavarise is a film editor and documentary filmmaker specialized in social issues related to human rights, migration and community development. She has over nine years experience working with several production companies, NGOs and television. Born in Verona in 1979. She graduated in Communication Design at the “Politecnico di Milano” (Milan); she completed the European School for Social Documentary EsoDOC 2008. As ZaLab charter member, she realized several community film projects in Europe, Middle East and Australia. Recent film editing : “First snowfall” (70th Venice Film Festival); “Undue Debt” (66th Locarno film festival); “Li and the poet “(68th Venice Film Festival).