About Us

ZaLab is an association of five filmmakers and social workers: Michele Aiello, Matteo Calore, Stefano Collizzolli, Andrea Segre, Sara Zavarise.

Its aim is the production, distribution and promotion of social documentaries and cultural projects.
Our stories arise from participatory video laboratories. Through such actions, marginalized people, who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to express themselves, become authors of their own stories. ZaLab documentaries can emerge either from these laboratories  or from an individual author’s experience.

Since 2006 ZaLab produced and distributed award-winning documentary films such as: “Container 158” by Stefano Liberti and Enrico Parenti, “Limbo” by Matteo Calore and Gustav Hofer, “my Bread and Butter” by Stefano Collizzolli, “Closed Sea” by Andrea Segre and Stefano Liberti, “Green Blood” by Andrea Segre, “Our Best Years” of Stefano Collizzolli and Matteo Calore, “As a man on earth” by Andrea Segre and Dagmawi Yimer.

It’s currently distributing also “fuoriClasse”, by Stefano Collizzolli and Michele Aiello, “On the bride’ side” by Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande, Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry, “Patience, Patience, You’ll Go to Paradise!” by Hadja Lahbib and “Gaybay Baby” by Maya Newell.

ZaLab has produced so far participatory video laboratories in the Tunisian desert, in a Palestinian village in the West Bank, in Bologna, Rome, Padua, in the Aeolian Islands, in the suburbs of Barcelona, In Melbourne, Australia, involving migrants, children, asylum seekers.

Moreover, ZaLab promotes advocacy campaigns aimed to spread democracy and minority rights, especially through a grassroots distribution network, built over the years to promote an indipendent and non commercial distribution of its documentaries.

Michele Aiello, Matteo Calore, Stefano Collizzolli, Andrea Segre, Sara Zavarise

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Emanuela Minasola, Martina Greco, Sergio Marchesini, Maud Corino, Sandro Ginestri


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