10 anni di viaggi, rabbia e sorrisi sostieni la nostra indipendenza per i prossimi dieci anni

Ten years of ZaLab

ZA10: 10 years of travel, of independence, of anger and smiles.
ZaLab was born almost 10 years ago, 22nd of January 2006, as a participation and narrative space, as the house where voicing suburbs were capable of awakening the silences and the habits of the center.
And for 10 years ZaLab has respected his aim: from laboratories around the Mediterranean to those with migrants and refugees, from the women of our new multi-cultural villages to foreign laborers in the Italian agriculture, from the dignity of those who have undergone the violence of Fortress Europe to those who have lost their jobs in the heart of the economic crisis, to the Italian immigrants on the other side of the world.
It is a road that we walked together: together with our characters, with the testimonial of our history, but also with the thousands of people who supported us, who organized screenings of our films, which have enriched our path with their urgency civil and social transformation.
And it is a road that we want to walk together again: this kind of sharing is our independence.
In a world that seems to be afraid of his own shadow, we believe that continuing to tell stories is fundamental and we believe that it is also necessary to do so with independence and freedom.

Thanks to all our supporters!

Marco Benati
Itala Vivan
Antonio Nigro

Simonetta Salinari
Piera Belluardo
Giorgio Voltolina
Consulta comunale Calusco
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