DVD: Dreams of The Salt Lake by Andrea Segre

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Travelling between Aktau and Astana, the film wants to listen to the lives and dreams of old farmers or shepherds and young women. Their stories remotely interact with that of Italian men and women fifty years ago, who lived similar emotions and hopes.

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The DVD of “The Dreams of Salt Lake” is now available.
Kazakhstan is now living the euphoria of development that Italy does not even remember anymore.
Yet its growth is closely related with the Italian economy. The growth of Kazakhstan’s economy, accounting for 6% per year (a rate that Italy has only had in the ’60s), is largely based on the extraction of oil and gas. ENI has a key role in the management of the Kazakh oil fields and there are many Italians who work in Kazakhstan, especially in the regions around the Caspian Sea, where this film was shot.
The images of the great Eurasian steppes, the infinite post-Soviet landscapes are connected in the author’s mind with some images of the sixties in Italy, images found in both the ENI archives, both in the personal one of Andrea Segre.


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