DVD: Shun Li and The Poet by Andrea Segre

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Shun Li works in a textile factory in the suburbs of Rome to obtain the documents and trying to bring to Italy his eight years old son.

She is suddenly transferred to Chioggia, a small city-island in the Venetian lagoon, to work as a bartender in a pub.
Bepi, a Slavic fisherman, nicknamed by his friends, “the Poet”, attended the small inn since several years.
Their encounter is a poetic escape from solitude, a silent dialogue between different cultures, but not far anymore. It is a journey in the deep heart of a lagoon, who can be mother and cradle of moving identity.
But the friendship between Shun Li and Bepi upsets both communities, the Chinese and the Venetian, which hind this new journey, of which perhaps they simply still too afraid.

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